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Why I joined Defibshops Mission

August 13, 2015

Accidents and injuries are part of what makes sports great to take part in, the risk and putting everything on the line is a rush for the senses and any athlete I think will say that they perform better when they are on the edge and right up against the limit of their abilities.

But being able to protect myself for those moments when I go past the limit of my abilities is essential, and it does happen. Of course wearing protective clothing is key, a helmet for my head, mouth guard for my teeth, goggles for my eyes etc. But what about my heart?


A sudden cardiac arrest is an event which occurs within the heart muscle whereby the rhythm of the heart is disrupted and begins to beat in an irregular way. This causes an interruption to the blood flow around the body and if it’s not treated as soon as possible, your body’s vital organs begin shutting down as they are starved of oxygen.

A cardiac arrest can be brought on by a number of elements but more common than not, it’s an unknown heart condition that a person has that triggers a cardiac arrest. The sad fact is that we are all vulnerable to the condition, no matter of your age, gender, ethnicity or fitness level.


We have all read stories of athletes who are at the top of their game suffer sudden cardiac arrests whilst playing the sports they love and it is heartbreaking to see. These stories were an eye opener for me and have made me realise that I, or any member of my team or my family are vulnerable.

The immediate use of a defibrillator and the application of effective CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is the only form of treatment for a cardiac arrest, and if it is not provided quickly your survival chances begin to decrease rapidly, approximately 10% per minute.

Having approached, I’m proud to say that I have become a brand ambassador for the company as they look to raise awareness of cardiac arrest and the need for more public access defibrillators across the UK.


I met the team a couple of months back and after only spending a few hours with them it was clear that they are passionate about getting more defibrillators out there and helping to save as many lives as they can and it’s great to be able to work with them.

I now have a defibrillator with me at all times to protect myself and my team as we travel, train and compete. I see the defibrillator as an extension of my first aid kit and once you see one of the defibrillator units up close, you can see that they are incredibly safe and easy to use.


If you’re looking to find out more information about defibrillators and how they can help you, I recommend visiting the defibshop website which is packed full of useful information from their handy and helpful FAQ videos to a Buyers Guide which can assist in the process of finding the right defibrillator to suit you.

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