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Podium at the Italian European Cup!

February 8, 2015

On Saturday I competed in the European Cup in Cortina, Italy and I finished on the podium in 3rd!

I was only using the competition to train some new techniques in between free style training camps, I didn’t even contemplate a good result.

There was a strong field too with quite a few World Cup riders there. Once I got through to the Semi finals it was all World Cup riders.IMG_4997

I qualified in 5th which was a good start to the day then we had a break before the finals as it was a night final. I haven’t raced in a night final for ages so I enjoyed that a lot! The run was lit by flood lights so we could of course see where we were going.FullSizeRender

In my quarter final I had a great start out of gate and got into the lead right away. I lead all the way down and crossed the finish line way in front of the other girls.

My Semi final went really well also, I had a good start again and again lead all the way down, I didn’t finish quite as far in front but was still comfortably in the lead. I was especially pleased with this heat as I was in front of Michela Moioli from Italy who was the girl who narrowly beat me into the Sochi Olympic final in a nail biting photo finish last February.

_73018352_snowboardphotofinishSo then I was through to the final! Again it was full of World Cup riders with me, Michela, Charlotte Bankes from France and Raffaella Brutto fro Italy. Because the other three girls had qualified above me I didn’t get any lane choice in the final meaning I was in the far left gate. I had a good start out of the gate but not good enough to overcome my gate position so I was in fourth at the end of the first turn. I was really close to the girls in front though and then I managed to pass into 3rd possition between the fourth and fifth turns! To make the pass even better the girl I passed was Michela! It doesn’t make up for loosing the Olympic photo finish to her but it does help my confidence. She is a really talented Snowboard cross athlete and I have a lot of respect for her.IMG_4884

It looks like the freestyle training I’ve been doing this year is paying off already!



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