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In the Isle of Man

June 15, 2015

This week I’ve been back home in the Isle of Man.

It’s been fun being over here with lots of stuff going on. I’ve got to catch up with family and friends and been out and about a lot too.

Every year in early June the island gets overrun with motorbikes for a very exciting, very dangerous motorbike race, which has been running for more than a century, it’s called the TT (The Tourist Trophy). I was here for the final few days which was great as there’s a party atmosphere everywhere and events going on all over the island.IMG_5779

I went to watch the firework display on Friday evening, I was attempting to get a good photo of the fireworks on my camera, not sure I really succeeded but I enjoyed trying.


I had a big party at my parents house for my birthday too! It was a dress up party and the theme was the 80s, I think I captured it quite well with my dungarees, bum bag and headband.


A friend of mine knew of my love of Cadbury’s chocolate and baked me a Cadbury’s cake, it looked awesome and tasted delicious!

To top off the week my husband, Dad, brother and I went to a place called laser mayhem where there were about 20 of us running around the forest with laser guns in our hands and targets on our heads trying to shoot anyone not on our team. It was great fun and we all got completely covered in mud, and face paint. It was a great day topped off by our team winning 🙂



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