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Club La Santa, Lanzarote – World Class sports training facility – blog 1 of 3

June 19, 2017

Club La Santa – Lanzarote….

Blog 1 of 3.

Several months ago my performance manager suggested I visit a place called “Club La Santa”  (CLS) in Lanzarote over the summer – sounds good I thought, but usually I don’t get time to go on holiday and get a tan! He said it’s a elite sports complex… I was intrigued as this coming season is a big season – I’m about to compete at my 4th Olympic Games in Pyeong Chang, South Korea…


Never having heard of this place before, I spoke to a friend of mine and explained I was spending part of my summer there, they told me they had been to “La Santa” at Christmas… Very funny!!

I arrived at the airport where the heat hit me straight away, within what seemed only about 30 mins we had our bags and were already en route – the bad thing was that CLS was on the other side of Lanzarote – the good news was that this only took about 25mins – result.

On approach to CLS came a mass of white buildings near the sea – contrasted with the volcanic landscape my initial impressions were that this place was big…


I jumped out of the transfer bus with an unusual spring in my step – I just wanted to get changed and get going, this place looked awesome.

We checked in very quickly and went straight to our apartment – a spacious 2 bed apartment aptly named a “2 bed sports apartment” – I was expecting a really small “French” style apartment with just nowhere to move – completely the opposite – this apartment was spacious, had two patio doors leading onto the patio, a nice kitchen, fridge, good cooking facilities, good size bathroom and two nice bedrooms… And it was clean – very clean.


A short time later, like a little kid in a candy shop, we met back at reception for a Tour of Club La Santa…

If you can think of it, CLS has it… I think I counted over 40 sports and activities that were available…


I’m here and its real – I’m at one of the Worlds top sports and fitness resorts together with World Class facilities popular with elite athletes….


Game on…

(Don’t miss the 2nd of 3 blogs next week looking at Club La Santa in dsetail…)

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