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First race of the season

November 27, 2015

I’ve had a great start to the season with 5th place at the European Cup in Pitztal, Austria

There was a massive field of more than 200 competitors at the race on Thursday so we went straight into heats ranked by FIS points. I raced in a total of 6 heats through the day to get to the small final.

My first heat went really well where I led from the start and won comfortably.

I passed one girl around the second turn to win my second heat as well.

In my third heat I was in second place then caught up the girl in first around the last corner, I went for the pass over the final jump but got caught in some soft snow and the girl who was behind us in third caught us both up so the three of us crossed the finish line in a photo finish. We never found out the result because in the finish area we were told to all go back to the start and run the heat again because they’d put the wrong people in it!

In the re run I was in third coming around the second turn but with a lot more speed than the girl in second and we crashed into each other. She fell over and I stayed on my feet somehow. The girl in fourth came through and passed us both while this was going on but I then passed her just before the final turn so I finished in 2nd.

In my fifth heat I got trapped between two girls near the start and my board went on top of another girl’s which made me fall, I got up again and tried to catch up but I was too far behind. So I didn’t get through that round meaning I went into the Small Final to decide places 5 to 8.

The Small Final went really well! I had a great start and got a good lead right away and led all the way down to finish a good distance in front of everyone. In fact I think that’s the heat I rode the best in the whole day!

It was great to end the day on a win and I was really happy with my riding through the day, with some passes and comfortable wins. I can’t wait to get into my next competition now and do some more races!

This is a video of the start of the Small Final, I’m the one in the yellow pants.


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