We aim to provide all members of the media with up to the minute news/images/video of Zoe’s sporting progress from all around the World.  An absolute priority for Zoe is making the latest high quality images available for download to the media right now from wherever Zoe is World wide. These are available below.

We recommend the following:-

Interviewing Zoe (Print or Video)

If you would like to interview Zoe (in person or remotely), please use the details below to get in touch.  During Zoe’s training and competition period (October to April) we always recommend email as the best method of contact as we are usually in different time zones and probably on the other side of the World.

If you would like an interview for the print media, the quickest way is to email your questions using the email address below.  If you would like a broadcast quality video interview of Zoe (using the latest professional grade broadcast quality video and sound equipment) from Zoe’s current location (Zoe has already provided footage to the BBC, Channel 4, Sky in this way), please email your questions to the address below and Zoe will send the completed broadcast quality interview to you via her FTP site.


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