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Nutrition in my sport

October 22, 2015

One question I get asked all the time is “As an Olympic athlete do you have to be careful about what you eat?” It’s a good question and usually results in an interesting conversation.

In short yes I do, the same as all Olympic athletes do. I need to make sure my body has got everything it needs to stay healthy, recover from training and be in top condition for competition.


I achieve this by sourcing good quality fresh meat, fish, vegetable (lots of vegetables!) and carbohydrates for my regular meals.


I also get supplements from Nutrition X. I chose Nutrition X because I know that they only use high quality ingredients and all their products are nutritionally sound allowing me to train harder and compete better.


Their products are also tested by Informed Sport to make sure they contain no contaminants. As a high level athlete I can get drug tested at any time so not only do I have to be careful to avoid any drug which is on the banned list I have to avoid eating or drinking anything which could be contaminated by something on the banned list. This is where Nutrition X is brilliant. They have their products independently tested to confirm that what’s on the ingredient list is what is in the product and nothing else. Not all nutritional companies do this, in fact very few do, but as a top level athlete I can’t risk accidentally taking anything which I shouldn’t!


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