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New Partnership with AssureLife Insurance Advisers

April 11, 2016

Being a snowboarder, it’s such a fulfilling and exciting sport, but also a dangerous one. I love what I do and I love my family, which is why I recently contacted AssureLife to help me arrange some insurance. With AssureLife, they have given me great advice in regards to the policy for my family and I.

It’s not something everyone like’s to think about, but I realise that this is something that I needed to sort out. I know the risks I’m taking when I take to my snowboard, and now I’m expecting so I want to know I will be covered if the worst should happen. A big thanks to the guys at AssureLife, the brilliant expertise and knowledge they have, allowed them to find the best policy for me.


What’s more, they have ensured that my policy would be written in trust (free of charge) to ensure that the money would be paid out quickly to my family. I definitely recommend them to everyone!



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