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Lenz Heated Gloves are Awesome!

January 7, 2016

I am an Olympic snowboard athlete and spend each winter travelling the world training and competing on snow. I have done this for the past 14 years and have experienced hugely differing conditions from sweltering heat to the coldest competition I’ve been at was minus 36c and that was without wind chill!

When I am at a competition I’m doing everything I can to make sure my body is warm and ready to perform when I need it, that’s not too easy when it’s freezing cold!  For several years I just accepted that being cold was part of my sport but since approaching Lenz 6 months ago – all this has now changed.


I recently reviewed the Lenz heated vest (place link here) where for the first time ever I’ve been able to keep my core warm even in freezing temperatures using heated Lenz technology, today I’m reviewing the Lenz heated gloves!

On opening the packaging, first impressions were that these are a strong and sturdy glove, its good to see that they are made of strong material as these gloves are not just meant to keep my hands warm, they have to deal with me carrying my snowboard with razor sharp edges, falling on snow and ice, pretty much having to deal with everything I handle which needs strong material.

They come with an integrated power button on the top of the glove which sits next to 3 small LED’s which are used to decide how warm you want them, the power button is easily accessed, easily pressed and together with the LEDS the glove looks stylish.


Just like the Lenz vest, soon as you turn the battery on the gloves heat up straight away, I put it straight onto heat level 3 (highest with 3 LED’s) and within about 2 minutes I had to turn them down to two as my hands were really warm… It was about -8 celcius during the test. The battery is much smaller than that used for the Lenz vest which is great as it doesn’t get in the way of the gloves.  The battery lasted all day even though when it got a bit colder at lunch time I upped to heat level 2.

Overall the Lenz gloves are simply awesome, I use these on a daily basis whether its warm or cold – I use them regulalrly without the batteries if I don’t need them but when it gets cold I just slip the battery in and I have toasty hands all day…. They are an awesome glove that Id highly recommend and not just for snow sports – if you or anyone you know ever gets cold hands then these are perfect…

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