German European Cup

February 5, 2016

Last weekend I competed at the European Cup in Grasgehren, Germany. There were meant to be two competitions, one on Saturday and one on Sunday but the second one got cancelled, ironically due to too much snow overnight! Plus the 120km an hour winds might have had something to do with it.IMG_7461

The comp on Saturday was fantastic, it was so much fun! The course was really good, especially because it had lots of passing places all the way down. I think there’s nothing more boring than a course that is too tight to allow any passes. The constant change of position is, I think, Snowboard Cross’s most entertaining aspect, both for spectators and competitors.

We only had one qualification run but mine went well and I qualified through happily in 4th place.

My first heat involved a lot of passes. I made a mistake at the top so was in fourth place out of the first turn. Then I passed two girls at once around the next turn to put me into 2nd place, I could have stayed in 2nd place because that was all I needed to get through into the next round but I was easily faster than the girl in front so I then passed into 1st about half way down the course, won the heat and went through into the semi finals.

In my semi final heat the changes of positions just went nuts!! I started in 1st, had a small collision with another girl and went to 4th, passed in 3rd over the corner jump, passed into second around a long right hand turn. Then I got passed so was in 3rd again, I passed back into 2nd, then we all went off the final jump together in a big group with myself in 2nd and the girl in 4th behind with more speed than the other two! I collided in the air with one of the other girls, to be honest I don’t know what position she was in it was so chaotic! I ended up landing on her board so fell on the landing so in the end I finished in 4th. More passes in one heat than I’ve ever seen!

So I was then in the small final which decided places 5th to 8th, this could have been a small final at a World Cup as everyone in it was a World Cup rider. Again I got into trouble right at the start so was 4th out of the first turn, I then passed into 3rd over the corner jump and then into 2nd around the final turn and finished in 2nd. This last pass into second was my favorite of the day because I know the girl I passed is a very fast rider so that felt great.

IMG_7453So I got an overall finishing place of 6th, given the riders competing I’m pretty happy with that. I had such a great day, I really enjoyed the course and it was really exciting. There were some other British riders racing as well so we had a really good team atmosphere.

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