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Club La Santa, Lanzarote – World Class sports training facility – Final blog 3 of 3.

August 1, 2017

Apart from the fantastic facilities available in resort, Club La Santa (CLS) offered various trips and activities around the Island which i think is a great idea as I like to explore when in new places; one of these was a surfing trip – score!!  I’d trained hard so time for a bit of relaxation…

I’ve been surfing for the past 15 years on and off – I’m 100% self taught so now was time for some full on instruction.  We were collected from resort and taken to a beautiful beach about 15 minutes away where we collected all our kit and were quickly into the briefing for the day. Nice, clear, concise instructions followed by a 15 minute warm up.


The instructor, just like the ones I had been in contact with during the week at CLS was awesome…He took time to explain everything as much or as little as required, he demonstrated exactly what I should be doing, then watched and fed back… I progressed more in that 3 hrs than I have done in the past 15 years, I loved it. I even got moved into the intermediate group half way through the session 🙂


As it was comming toward the end of my stay I was aware of a show the “Green Team” did every week – basically all of the CLS instructors / employees star in a weekly show for all the holiday makers – the show is right in the centre of the resort and lots and lots of fun.

This wasnt just any old show – it was packed – there were people like me who had come down specifically for it and then there were everyone eating at the restaurants who had a prime spot also.  Next time Ill plan to eat there and remain for the show.  It was brilliant, lots of laughter, entertainment, just awesome fun.  Yes I had a great time but little Léa loved it too… a great family show and some awesome talent within the Green Team.

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I like how CLS have thought about everything… One of the really cool things CLS have done is to offer a wrist band on arrival – it contains a microchip that not only acts as the key to your apartment but also allows you to hire equipment throughout the resort.  Adults or children – no more carrying room keys around – everything is on your wrist and is durable for any activity.


Club La Santa is quite simply the best sports complex I have ever been to in my entire life.  The location, the staff, the facilities, just spot on.  Whether an elite sports athlete or a family, CLS has everything you could ever want for an active holiday. If you havent been, go!


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