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Club La Santa, Lanzarote – World Class sports training facility – blog 2 of 3

July 2, 2017

The supermarket at Club La Santa was open from 8am-8pm (I think!) which was great as on the arrival day I managed to do a big shop for pretty much what I needed for the rest of the week, the restuarants were fantastic so decided to eat out for lunch and dinner most days but wanted to make my own breakfast – I like making my own breakfast 🙂

My first night was awesome – it was “sushi” night… 100% freshly made, delicious Sushi 🙂 What more can I say – I really didn’t think that I’d be eating fresh Sushi in boiling hot Lanzarote 🙂


On the first morning my alarm was set for 6.30, I wanted to get some training in while it was still cool outside as I knew come 8.30-9am it would be boiling…  My S&C coach, John Noonan, had prepared my schedule for the week – so to kick the week off  it was an early morning run – I decided to run round the resort, taking in several laps of the athletics track and doing some loops of the complex itself – I can’t say how impressive this resort is, everywhere you look there are world class sports facilities, I was running round thinking I want to do that, that, that, that, that, well, you get the picture… And thats not to mention the private lagoon!  🙂


After the run I played a game of squash before lunch – man it was hot outside but I think the courts had aircon as it was cooler on courts than outside, but the jump into the Olympic pool just outside the courts was awesome – loved it!

The afternoon consisted of a healthy meal at the pool bar, slack lining, cycling and some windsurfing…


What was even better about the windsurfing was that I had never done it before so I chose one of the CLS coaching programs.  Ive come acrioss a lot of coaches over my career and I can say hand on heart the CLS coaches were awesome – they had all the qualities you would expect in a good coach and I loved every minute of it… And even better I was stood up and windsurfing on my first session… To cap everything off we did all of this in a private CLS lagoon!


After the windsurfing I went and relaxed around the pool… Well I say relaxed, there was a diving board!


This was literally how my stay went, originally when i looked at the program John had given me I thought I would be the only person up at that time exrcising but it was totally the opposite, thrre were tons of people out first thing taking advantage of the cooler temperatures and mostly either runnning or cycling, I really did get the impression that CLS was a true sporting venue for everyone, if you werent doing something sporty someone else was and it really made me feel like I wnated to do some kind of sport all the time.


One of the great things about CLS was the “Green Team.”  This is a team of CLS employees who were running all the sports events, coaching sessions, manning the hire equipment, booking stations – pretty much every contact I had with CLS apart from reception was with members of the Green Team.  They were always extremely polite and courteous and couldn’t do enough to help.  If you have children CLS is perfect as they have a creche and allow you to do activities while looking after them.


In the final blog next week Ill be looking at the surfing trip, the Green Team show and how CLS just seem to have thought about everything – all in a simple wristband!!

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