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Cord Blood banking / my baby daughter / Cells4Life

October 28, 2016

Like all parents, I wanted to do the very best for my baby. I spent ages reading books and on websites trying to find the right products for her and for the best parenting tips to try. I wanted to make sure all eventualities were covered. That’s why when I discovered cord blood banking  I knew it was the right choice for me.


I first discovered cord blood banking when reading online about tips for keeping your baby healthy. I was amazed by the list of conditions that could be treated with cord blood; from cancers to sports injuries. There are over 80 illnesses which can be treated with cord blood today. Coupled with the fact that there are over 5,000 clinical trials with stem cells, I knew that there could be a whole new world of medicine my baby could access in the future. It really was a no brainer.








I began to search for a cord blood bank. Cells4Life stood out for us because it was the UK’s largest cord blood bank. When it came to something like this we wanted to go with a well established company. I read reviews of their service and everything looked great. The service I received was brilliant. The sign up process was very quick, which I appreciated since it wasn’t long until my due date. Everyone I dealt with was very friendly and happy to answer all my questions. They couldn’t have been more helpful and were extremely professional throughout. There was a lot to worry about when expecting my daughter but this was something I didn’t have to worry about as Cells4Life did everything for me.


While I hope that my daughter never needs to use her stem cells, I have peace of mind that if she ever needed them they are stored in safe hands.



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