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Snowboard Cross

Invented in 1991, Snowboard Cross (also known as Boardercross, Snowboard X and Snowboarder X) is a snowboard competition in which a group of snowboarders start simultaneously from the top of a course, and race each other to the finish line.

There used to be four competitors in each race but recently there has been a change meaning now there are six in each race in high level competitions.

The races usually last around one and a half minutes and the courses include a wide variety of obstacles all made out of snow including jumps of up to 9m (32foot), banked turns, rollers and more.

Competitors race at speeds of up to 86kph (53mph) and crashes between competitors are very common!

Snowboard Cross became an Olympic sport in 2006 and has been one of the most watched events in every winter Olympics since then.

Snowboard Cross has been part of the Winter X Games since the annual event began in 1997.  At the X Games the sport is called Snowboarder X.

The competition format involves each competitor doing two runs down the course by themselves with the top 24 women and 48 men qualifying through to the heats. Then they race 6 at a time down the course with the top 3 from each heat qualifying through to the next round.

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