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My personal migration from Dropbox to File Transporter – Week 1 of 3

February 11, 2015

{FileTransporter is a an all inclusive private cloud file storage device that amongst many features includes selective file synchronization, redundancy and 100% privacy along with the benefits of a public cloud solution. For the user, the experience is very similar to dropbox other than you are in 100% control of your own data and you don’t pay any monthly costs.}

This is me. I am a three time Olympic athlete heading into my fourth Olympic cycle and due to my training and competition schedule I spend 6 months of the year in the European Alps, 2-3 months of the year generally in North or South America and the remainder back home in the UK.


I have specialized staff working in my Olympic program back in the UK (sports psychology, strength & conditioning, nutrition etc) whom I share training data with from anywhere in the World, I have my commercial (sports) partners whom I send large amounts of data to, I work with several TV companies in the UK who require me to send back large, broadcast quality race footage and interview files, and if that wasn’t enough already, I run 2 online businesses and have just launched my 3rd and most ambitious yet – all of which require daily management from wherever I am in the World.

Pound Shave Club


I first read about FileTransporter in October 2014 when I was on my honeymoon – at the time I was relaxing on a beach in Thailand when my Iphone (encapsulated in a waterproof case) sounded the ominous email notification… I may have been on my honeymoon but I always like being connected and so I quickly scanned my finger and the message displayed. Dropbox were about to charge me a further $100 for their services!! Arghhhh


Don’t get me wrong, up until that date Dropbox played a key role in my everyday activities BUT there were three major points which I wasn’t happy with, I felt $100 a year was a hefty sum for the storage offered, I had no idea where my own data was being stored and the total amount of data I wanted to store couldn’t exceed my already overloaded computer. Due to the privacy of the data I didn’t want to put my business data on their.

I had been researching for the best part of the last 12 months an alternative solution – I had purchased (and returned) several units claiming to do what I wanted – a cloud solution where I could host my own data, choose the size of the storage, upload data that didn’t need to be on my computer and I wouldn’t have to pay monthly fees. Most either had extremely low transfer speeds, didn’t offer any synchronization, couldn’t deal with large hard drives, the list goes on – needless to say nothing worked.

Not wanting the disappointment of the forthcoming $100 debit from my account dull my day on a beautiful beach on my h0oneymoon, I decided a further “Google” research was in order – much to the disappointment of my husband (it still seems weird calling him my husband! lol) who wanted a generous portion of Pad Thai at the local Beach Hut!

I can honestly say that within about 5 minutes, I had found an article which was to change the technological set up of my life to date, it was an article on about this new and innovative product called File Transporter….


Next week I will be reviewing the product out of the box… In the meantime if you would like to purchase a File Transporter Sync device, feel free to use the voucher/coupon codes below:-

File Transporter coupon / voucher code

US Store – $20 off Transporter Sync using ZOESYNC (orig. $99)

EU Store – € 20 off Transporter Sync using ZOESYNC (orig. €109)

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